Z Kresów do Peczorskich Łagrów

06 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

I am going to recommend you a very unusual book, “Z Kresów do Peczorskich Łagrów” by Mieczysław Kumorek. The title of the book determines the way in which the author had to describe his being in Russian captivity after an accidental arrest and unfair trial.

Writer’s vivid reminiscences reveal inhuman conditions in which he spent the best years of his life – he was 21 years old then. Lively and convincing are his descriptions of life in concentration camps, which together with many psychological portraits of both the prisoners and officers make this work of literature a top shelf book. Not only will you learn about various diseases that tormented the imprisoned, but also you will grasp the really specific climate, the essence of what happened in the land where death ruled.

I recommend this book.


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