A day in my life when everything went wrong

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
It was two years ago. I was on school holidays then. One day when I got up everything looked as usual, I didn’t know anything about my future, so I was quite happy. I washed, ate my breakfast and still everything was good. Two hours later it started to rain. I thought that I could watch TV. I took the TV guide, and started to read. There was nothing special on the TV, but it wasn’t the worst. When I tried to switch on the TV I realised that electricity had been cut off. I saw that the wind destroyed an electric cable next to my house. I knew then that that day wouldn’t be good.


I wanted to do something, so I decided to go to my friend. It was raining, so I took my umbrella and went out. When I was walking, my umbrella suddenly turned inside out. When I tried to repair it, I saw that the umbrella was broken. Without it within a few minutes I got all wet . After a couple of minutes I was next to my friend’s house. I knocked on the door — his mother answered and told me that he had gone to his grandparents. When I got back to home, I was wet and angry.


I thought that there was nothing to do, but after an hour I realised that I had to go to the bank and pay the bills. I had to go out again. I got to the bank within half an hour.Of course there were a lot of people and I had to stand in a queue for another hour. When I was next to the cashier’s desk, I realised that I had forgotten my money. I had to go back home, take the money and once again go to the bank. When I paid the bills I thought that everything would be good, but I was wrong. When I was walking home I saw a  puddle on the road and a truck in front of me. In two seconds I was wet and covered with mud. When I got back home I took a shower and went to sleep.


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