Holidays in the Countryside

06 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

I like spending my holidays in the countryside, because I like countryside and I like clean air.

I spend my holidays in the village. There lives my uncle Kazimierz. My uncle is a farmer. His wife Agnieszka takes care of the house. They have got a son. His name is Bartek. Bartek is eleven. I like my cousin. We play football together when I come to the countryside.

I sometimes help my uncle. I feed hens, dogs and cats. On the uncle’s farm there are horses, cows and pigs. These animals live in barns, stables and pigsties.

I like Bartek’s dog. Bombel is very funny. It’s a small dog with big ears. I like playing with Bombel. Bartek has got a computer. He has got a lot of very good games, for example GTA Vice City or Max Payne 2. I like playing with him.

I like spending my holidays there very much because I like my cousin and I like clean air.


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