Wnętrze domu. Uzupełnij luki odpowiednim słownictwem

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1. Uzupełnij luki odpowiednim słownictwem.

As soon as Jack crossed the , he knew something wrong must’ve happened in this house.


I told you not to enter without on the door!


My uncle has a large collection of bottled wines which are stored in his .


Johnny painted the green because wanted to give his flat a new look.


Even though Gena has a full of clothes, she’s always complaining that she’s got nothing to wear!


I’m too lazy to the stairs, which is why I always take the lift.


Carl’s fear of hights prevents him from making any repairs.


Where can I put my coat? I can see no here.


I’ve got so much I don’t use – I need to move it to the attic.


The pink fluffy carpet in the girls’ room covered almost the whole .



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