Present perfect continuous II

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Czasowniki podane w nawiasach napisz w formie czasu present perfect continuous

1. I (wait) for you for ten hours and at last you are.

2. It (rain) since 10 o’clock.

3. She (sleep) only for two hours so far. Don’t rouse her.

4. We (plant) trees for ten minutes. There’s a lot to do left.

5. That man (stand) there for more than 50 minutes.

6. I (learn) history for 2 hours and I am very sleepy now.

7. Richard (live) in Warsaw since 1992.

8. Our team (work) on this project since 1999.

9. We (walk) for three hours and our legs hurt.

10. The children (play) all day.

11. How long (you wait)? Not very long.

12. What (you do) for so long?

13. I (think) about it but I still don’t know what to do.

14. The doctor (operate) on this patient for several hours.