Future in the Past IX

19 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

1. Czasownik podany w nawiasie wstaw w formie Future in the Past (nie używaj form skróconych).

My sister was sure she (fail) that test.

We knew we (have to) move to Paris soon.

We were sure we (receive) lots of Christmas gifts.

He promised he (write) me back soon.

My teacher knew I (be) late again.

He said he (join) the conference the following day.

I knew I (not need) your help with the project.

Did he promise he (visit) us next Sunday?

I was sure our national team (win) that match.

She said she (come) to the party.

I knew I (be allowed) to sell all those paintings.

Did you expect that she (get married) so soon?

I was sure I (not buy) that car.

Was he sure that he (have to) return that laptop?

We thought we (not spend) so much time in the office.

Did your mum say that she (visit) us next week?

The inhabitants of that country knew they (not survive) that winter.

Did you expect that you (become) a manager the next year?

The director said that all the actors (get) extra money for the performance.

Did your child promise that it (tidy) the room every day?



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