Future in the Past I

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1. Wpisz podane czasowniki w formie czasu Future in the Past (nie używaj form skróconych).

He was almost sure he (fail) his exam.

I thought she (be) angry but I was wrong.

Peter decided he (go) to France on holidays.

I knew that she (become) my wife one day.

I didn’t know that I (spend) the next 5 years in prison.

She said she (come) again.

Peter said that he (stop) smoking.

I knew he (eat) all the candies!

She supposed he (leave) her sooner or later.

My parents knew I (win) that competition.

I knew his aunt (not leave) him any money.

He was sure he (pass) his exams.

They knew they (need) more money for holidays.

We promised we (buy) a new washing machine for our daughter.

Kelly knew she (not like) her new teacher.

My friends were sure they (spend) their holidays in Egypt.

I promised I (do) the shopping for my neighbour.

My dad knew he (stay) abroad one more month.

I promised I (arrive) on time.

He said he (not show) my letter to anyone.



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