Future Continuous XI

26 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

1. Czasownik podany w nawiasie wpisz w formie czasu Future Continuous (nie używaj form ściągniętych).

This time next week we (sit) on the beach.

We (move) to a new home next year.

She (sleep) when you telephone her.

This time next week she (fly) to San Francisco.

Kate (watch) a video when I arrive tonight.

This boss (expect) honesty from his employees.

At this time on Friday they (compose) some new songs.

My parents (wait) for her when her plane arrives.

Tomorrow at 8 o’clock I (write) a test.

It (rain) when I reach Dublin.

This time next month her friends (leave) for their honeymoon.

He (not cook) all day tomorrow. You have to help him.

Sam (not pack) his bags tomorrow as he’s already done it.

She (not sweep) the floor the whole afternoon.

We (summarise) this long essay all the afternoon.

She (not help) her mum in the kitchen the whole day.

They (watch) the film at 10 o’clock. Don’t call them!

My grandma (visit) her relatives next month.

This child (play) tennis for the next 3 hours.

I (make) a cake at 6 o’clock. Don’t disturb me!



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