Homofony. Wybierz odpowiednie słowo 7

25 października 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
1. A __________ is a small sandy island on a coral reef.
2. I lost my __________ and I can’t enter my house.
3. When the ship left the port the trumpets and drums played on the __________.
4. The door opened a __________ man with crooked nose and long beard.
5. He __________ his fist and smacked her across the face.
6. My mother __________ me out for coming home drunk.
7. I had several amazing moments in the past few days that I wish I could __________ into my memory forever.
8. The warriors consulted a __________ as to whether they could win or not.
9. The desert was edged with __________ vegetation.
10. I am a bird in a __________ cage.
11. This colorless, eyeless, and __________ creature, called the Texas blind salamander, is an endangered species.
12. When you belong to a __________, to a larger group, you get strength knowing that there are people out there attempting to do the same thing as you.



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