Homofony. Wybierz odpowiednie słowo 2

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1. The young man made his way through the deck with the __________ of the lines which had been extended the evening before.

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2. I worked as a nurse’s __________ for several years for a convalescent home dealing with various aspects of elder patient care.

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3. He led me through the long __________ of the crowded church to the altar.

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4. __________ take this book.

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5. The __________ of Man is located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.

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6. __________ can be a bend in any geographical feature or a large bay.

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7. Don’t come close to this dog. It may __________ you.

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8. Most commonly a __________ contains eight bits.

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9. We were at the zoo all day yesterday and saw a really ugly __________.

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10. In the summer I like to wear open-__________ sandals.

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11. When I went to get my car in the morning, the workers on the street kindly let me know my car was probably towed „a few blocks up that way.”.

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12. __________ means equipped with wheels.

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13. The __________ is a region situated between the North and the South Downs in England.

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14. Knights are taught how to __________ the sword from early years of their life.

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  1. Fajne, moglibyście dać więcej takich quizów


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