Homofony. Wybierz odpowiednie słowo 14

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1. Go straight ahead and when you see a tall building, turn __________.
2. During the __________ of Baptism are recited particular prayers.
3. I’d like to __________ a novel in the future.
4. To get to the town head straight down this __________.
5. At the countryside I often __________ a horse.
6. After several days of walking they found a boat and __________ down the river.
7. __________ are full of fish.
8. Clairvoyant is a person who claims that he or she __________ the future.
9. If you are writing a book, you should __________ the opportunity to turn that into a bestseller.
10. At five o’clock I always drink __________.
11. There’s no faster way to __________ me off than to behave in such a manner!
12. This is the place on the seaside where one can walk and watch a __________ flying past.
13. If you often miss a __________ while driving, you should buy yourself a GPS.



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