Homofony. Wybierz odpowiednie słowo 12

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1. The top part of the inside of your mouth is termed __________.
2. Goods are often placed on a __________ and secured with stretch wrap or shrink wrap.
3. Critics __________ him for writing absorbing, poetic and passionate music.
4. She __________ to God, but He’s silent.
5. Big cat first watches the herd and catches its __________ at the right moment.
6. This horrible sight struck a __________ in him, making him wonder about his own life.
7. She __________ and peeled the apples, and rolled out the pastry.
8. I need an extension __________ to get the device where I want to use it.
9. My sister is only 6 years old, but she can already __________.
10. In the middle of the field there was a __________ hut with two chairs in front of it.
11. I need more warm clothes or I’ll __________ this winter.
12. __________ is the central section part of classical entablature, between the architrave and the cornice.



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