Homofony. Wybierz odpowiednie słowo 10

27 października 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
1. The botanic term for the trunk of a tree is __________.
2. The seed-bearing capsule of some plants is called __________.
3. I always eat a __________ of cereal for breakfast.
4. Watching the morning __________ on the grass is the most refreshing view that helps you relax.
5. __________ you like bananas?
6. The rent is __________ at the end of the month.
7. She turned up in a __________ sweater, and baggy trousers at the meeting.
8. I __________ agree with you. You are right.
9. Some legends say that the Templars found the __________ Grail.
10. Everyone, __________ your glasses to the memory of the deceased!
11. We got up early and bathed in the first __________ of the morning sun.
12. During the World War II the city was __________ to the ground, and many of its inhabitants killed.



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