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A woman called Ethel is the main character of John Cheever’s novel “The Season of Divorce”. She is a well-educated, attractive person and, at the same time, a good mother and devoted wife. These features make her a very interesting character to present.

Coming from Morristown, New Jersey, Ethel graduated from women’s college in the East. She also spent an additional year at the University of Grenoble. Despite possessing her hard- earned diploma, she is not one of the women who devote their lives to work.

We learn that as a mother Ethel is caring and loving yet still possesses a gentle disposition toward her kids, Carol and Carl. She does things on her own: cleaning, cooking dinners, walking children to school, staying with them in case of illness or any other minor problems they might face.

Despite plenty of housework and duties, Ethel – having been married for over ten years – proves to be a good wife. She is cheerful, adaptable to new circumstances and possesses quite a good sense of humor. We learn that the couple enjoys going out to neighbors’ parties, occasionally organizing one or two, by themselves. Despite their good, steady, one salary life, Ethel faces a challenge.

Ethel, a mother and wife, meets a neighbor, who happens to be a well-paid physician. At this time, the female main character realizes how dull and monotonous the life she leads is. An urge of having a better outfit or cosmetics, wakes up in her inner self. She faces a dilemma. Ethel realizes that she does not lead a life that she has been dreaming of. Nonetheless, Ethel – a loving and devoted mother – constrains herself and comes to her senses, mainly because of two children she has the responsibility to bring up.


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