Young people should leave home at the age of 18

26 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

Young people who are 18 years old are adult. However, usually there is no possibility of leaving home at this age, even if someone wants to do it.

First of all, 18-year olds usually don’t have any job and they don’t have money. Everyone who leaves home needs his or her own flat and a lot of money to buy everyday items, for example food, and to pay the bills.

Young people are usually still studying at this age. It is not possible to study and work full-time. Without at least A-levels passed you are nobody now. And almost everyone wants to go to the university to be a well-educated person because only such people have a chance to get a good job. Young adults usually study for a very long time now. They leave university at the age of 25 or 26 and it is usually only then that they get independent. At the age of 26 they often get married and start to live on their own.

One can say that university students are independent because they are away from home. It is not true; they still need their parents’ help and aren’t financially independent. Of course, there are people who study part-time, have a job and can leave home, but even those people aren’t 18 years old but usually 20 or even older.

We are a rather poor society and young people usually have nothing at the age of 18. Their parents aren’t able to buy them their own house or flat. As one can see, it is not easy to leave home.


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