Why should people learn foreign languages

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
Foreign languages are very useful. At present society life is very hard without knowing at least one of foreign languages. There is a lot of companies in our country, which cooperate  with foreign others, so foreign languages might be helpful in business. Free conversation with your business partner is better than talking by a translator. We simply look for more educated  and trustworthy. There might be situation that we don’t have a firm, but we work in such a company as a translator. If we are good, we can earn a lot.

Everyone wants to travel. When we are travelling in our country we can speak Polish and everyone understand us, but when we are abroad it is better to speak, for example, in English , Polish isn’t as popular as English and isn’t helpful at all in other countries.

Foreign languages are helpful in our everyday life too. There are, for example, foreign programs in TV, so if we can’t speak any other language than Polish, we won’t understand any of them. Moreover there are a lot of labels , which are written in foreign languagewhich we can see at the airport. Stations etc., and they inform us about important things and we need to read them. But labels aren’t as big problem as , for example, TV instruction written in English, if we have such a instruction it is very useful to know foreign language.

As we can see it is very good to learn languages. Life will be easier.


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