What would you change in your school if you were the headmaster

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

If I were the headmaster, I would change a lot in my school.

First of all, I think that education should be more practical. Everyone is different, one likes mathematics, the other one is interested in history. I think that if someone doesn’t like, for example, history they shouldn’t waste time on learning it but learn something else instead. There should be tests, showing what kind of skills we have. There would be a lot of different profiles in my school, which would develop pupils’ skills. Another thing I would change is the length of breaks. I think that twenty minutes would be a good idea. We need time to rest after stressful lessons.

I would build a swimming pool, and pupils would have free tickets. It would make very good promotion for my school,if we had our own swimming pool.

There would also be more trips. Travelling is very interesting and we can learn a lot thanks to it. There would be scholarships for good pupils, too. I think it would encourage pupils to study more efficiently. Good pupils are the best advertisement for a school.

If I were a headmaster everyone would change shoes, teachers too. It is not fair that only pupils have to do it.

Lastly, I would raise teachers’ salaries.

I would be a very good headmaster.


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