What makes a real friend

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

First of all, a real friend is someone whom you can trust. He will never betray you. Sometimes we have bad days when everything goes wrong and we are fed up with it. Then it is good to talk to somebody. We shouldn’t talk about everything with someone whom we don’t trust, because that person hurts us telling other people about our problems or secrets. When we need to talk, the  best person to turn to is a real friend. He or she will always listen to us and try to help us. We must rely on him or her.

Secondly, a real friend likes us and accepts us. He or she doesn’t care if we are poor or rich. People who have a lot of money usually have a lot of friends, but if they lose their fortune most of these friends will forget about them.Only their real friends stay with them.

We are sometimes sick and we don’t go to school. Our friend will then visit us, and tell us what our homework is. Our friend’s visit can make us happy. We will usually forget that we are sick and it is very helpful during recovery.

A real friend always supports us and we must support him or her too. A really good friend is the biggest treasure we can have.


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