Weather forecast

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

Tomorrow the weather will be quite similar to what it was today. Wind will be a little stronger, about ten metres per hour. It will be quite hot, so wind will be very helpful, especially for people who are going to work outside. Temperature will be about 30ºC, but in Wielkopolska and Małopolska it may be hotter, even up to 40ºC – we shouldn’t go out without a hat. Sun is very dangerous especially for young children.

It will be quite a humid day and pressure will be low, we can feel tired, our concentration won’t be as good as usually. We can expect that it will rain after midday. In the east there might be even storms, but don’t worry it won’t be raining very long.

The evening will be fantastic. It won’t be as hot as during the day and the air will be fresh. I can’t imagine better weather for walking in the moonlight. Don’t worry about the night, it will be quite hot and it shouldn’t be raining.

During the next few days the weather won’t be as nice as tomorrow. Wind will cause weather change. It will be cloudy, foggy and it will be raining. Temperature will be lower too, about 18ºC to 25ºC.

We must enjoy the weather tomorrow, because as nice weather as tomorrow won’t happen soon.


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