Na krawędzi

06 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

„Na Krawędzi” by Izykowska is a book written in simple language that makes reading easy and provides us with many opportunities to learn more about Chile.

The text presents fascinating, full of adventures stories told by two women in Chile – a small country, stretched out along the west coast of South America.

The two heroines cross the drab, dry-up land by any available means of transport. On their way, the two characters come across many breathtaking places, towns and villages exposing their culture, customs and ways of life.

The book, written in the style of a diary, conveys candid, downright thoughts and comments about daily hassles, which now and then drive these two foreigners mad. The problems result mainly from the lack of everyday items during exertion, or being exposed to the harsh, sweltering air hovering above Chile.

In spite of the coarse weather conditions, which make it hard for two fragile female characters to travel through a hot as hell mountainous land, the don’t-know-what-future-holds encounters make them happy and fascinated by openness and frankness of local people.


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