Is there justice in the world? What should happen to thieves, murderers etc.

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
I think that it is hard to say whether there is justice in the world. It depends on a variety of different factors.

We all know that, if caught, murderers, thieves and other villains usually go to jail. That’s the normal thing. However, I want to discuss bad governments, which are sometimes even worse than murderers and thieves because they are responsible for all the people in a country. If they are bad, all the citizens suffer.

First of all there are many countries where there is no justice, where people must do everything what the government tells them. For example, in Iraq there are no free elections; citizens can’t vote because Saddam is the dictator and he has been the President of Iraq for many years. People who don’t agree with it are persecuted. Saddam is perceived by many as a thief and murderer and should be overthrown. He should go to jail and see how “nice” it is to spend there many years.

Secondly, there are many countries where people are hungry and very poor because governments don’t care about them. People pay taxes but their money is wasted on weapons instead of being spent on improving their situation. If people die because they don’t have anything to eat, it should be called murder. People who are responsible for it ought to be punished. We all know what happens to murderers, so why do those bad governments get away with it?

Thirdly, there are a lot of rich countries but also many more poor ones. I think that it is not good if in one country people have almost everything while in others they have nothing and suffer from hunger.

On the other hand, there are many just countries. There people can do what they want as long as it isn’t illegal. In such countries the law is respected and everyone can go to the court if they think that they are treated unfairly.

Another important thing is that many countries do their best to help poorer countries. Not only do thier governments take care about their own citizens but also about poor people all over the world. Third World countries are given loans, quite often food and drugs.

All in all, everyone has their own opinion about the aforementioned issue and should decide by themselves whether there is justice in the world.


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