Informal letter

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Dear Peter and Sue,

It was very nice to hear from you after such a long time. I’m very happy and proud that you want me to advise you. I will do this with pleasure.

I think that it would prove very helpful for your son to use a teach yourself book. He doesn’t have many opportunities in England to speak Polish, so he must learn by himself a lot. I think that he should read Polish books and newspapers. It is very helpful to learn how to read accurately and to pick up a lot of new words. Reading newspapers will allow him to learn contemporary language. It is very important to talk naturally. Polish is a very difficult language. There are a lot of different forms and the vocabulary is very hard to learn. Maybe he should try to record new vocabulary in short phrases or sentences — it was very helpful for me when I was studying English. It is impossible to learn every word, so I think that he may sometimes try to guess the meaning of an unknown word and replace it using a known equivalent during conversation. He can’t forget about the Polish grammar. It is harder to master than the vocabulary. Written Polish is particularly difficult because of the spelling of words. It is best to learn them by heart.

I haven’t seen you for ages and I think that it is most effective to learn Polish in Poland. I would be very happy if you visited me. I want to invite you for few weeks. While we will be talking, Tom will learn a lot about the language. He will see Poland and Polish culture, which will be helpful too.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Maciek


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