Should governments spend money on space travels?

22 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

It is very difficult to answer that question. I think that if a country is rich, then they should spend money on space travels, but if it is poor, the government shouldn’t spend money on such things.

I think that a poor country like Poland has to do other things, for example the government should give people more money because if the society doesn’t have enough money it’s unhappy and then people don’t like their government. Citizens are more important than space travels. Rich counties can spend money on space travels, because people living there already have enough money.

People should know many things about the universe, because it is very interesting and useful. If governments don’t spend money on space travels, people will know nothing.

The Earth is a young planet but our galaxy will die in a few million years because the Sun will burn out. We will die if we don’t find another planet. In addition, we don’t have many natural resources, so we really need a new place to live.

I think that there is life outside the Earth, we should check it out. If there are aliens and they can visit us, we can’t stay alone on our planet— we should visit them, too.


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