Giving parties is a nightmare

20 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

Giving parties may be a nightmare but not always. Some people like giving parties very much and it is big fun for them to do it. For other people, especially those who like silence and peace and disapprove of parties, it may be a truly horrifying nightmare.

I think that it all depends on what kind of party we’re giving. If it is a small and nice intimate party, only for close friends, it can’t possibly be a nightmare at all. It is always very nice and everyone has a lot of fun. To throw such a party we usually need some fruit, something to drink, a few sandwiches and a CD player. The cost is very small.

If we want to give a big party for a lot of people, it is usually a big trouble and it may be a nightmare. There is a lot of work with it. We need a big house, and if we don’t have one we must find and rent a place where we want to throw our party. It may be a very big problem finding a suitable place because nice places are very expensive and usually someone has booked it before us.

Another big problem is food. We need a variety of food and drinks. If it is =a wedding party, we may sometimes even need a chef. Moreover, we have to send invitations to all our guests, which is yet another cost. People like different kinds of music so we should have lots of CDs, records or even hire a singer.

A big party is very expensive, if we have money we don’t care about it, but if we are poor we will find the bill for our party in a nightmare for sure.


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