Fame may be a horrible experience

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
I think it is true. Sometimes it is very hard to be famous. Famous people are recognized everywhere and usually have a lot of money, but because of that they don’t have private life. Somebody always watches them. Sometimes newspapers write about something before they tell their families about it. It is not nice to be in the public eye. Everyone sometimes wants to go somewhere to relax, for example to the cinema, and to have some peace. Famous people always have big problems with it. Everywhere there are people who want to get their photo or an autograph. All the time people ask them about their life, their roles or about their plans. If someone famous is away from home, without sunglasses, a hat and bodyguard, they won’t relax for sure.

It is very stressful to be famous. If you or I make a mistake, almost nobody will know about it, but if it happens to a famous person  everyone will know.

If somebody is famous, he or she always has a lot of fans who love them but they have enemies, too. They are not liked by everyone  . I’m sure it is very sad when someone whom you even don’t know tells you that he or she doesn’t like you, because they think you are stupid, ugly etc.

Being famous may be a fantastic experience but we can’t forget that it may prove horrible too.


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