The aim of sport is to teach people how to be aggressive

24 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

It is not true. The aim of sport is to teach people how to be strong, fast and agile. Sport usually helps people to relax and rest.

First of all, each game has its rules. The main rule is fair play. Players mustn’t attack other players. Of course, everyone wants to win, but they still have to play fair.

I think that martial arts are perceived as aggressive but we can’t forget that it is a special kind of sport. Fighters must be aggressive, especially in box, to win.

However, in my opinion, most sports aren’t aggressive at all. A perfect example is ski-jumping. Is Adam Małysz aggressive? No, he isn’t. He must be very calm and concentrated to win. Adam has never wanted to hit Martin Schmitt or Sven Hannawald. They usually congratulate each other, not fight. A lot of sport disciplines are individual games, so you can’t hurt others, even if you want to. Athletes usually have to fight only with themselves, with their own stage fright and fatigue.

To sum up, sport doesn’t teach how to be aggressive but rather how to stay calm. There is always only one winner, and even somebody who is apparently the best isn’t always the first because it is impossible to win on all occassions. It is very important to know it and accept that maybe someone is better than you are, and maybe he will be the winner this time. Athletes know that only way to the top is hard training, showing aggression towards your competitors isn’t the solution.


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