Which countries would you like to visit

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
I like travelling very much. I’m interested in different cultures and thanks to  travelling I can get a lot of information  about my hobby. I would like to visit Italy and after that Greece. I think that these countries are more interesting than others. There is a lot of relicts of history.

In Italy I would like to visit Rome. I’m interested in antique’s history. It would be nice to see Colloseum. There is a lot of museums and I would like to visit them all. Moreover, there is Vatican. I would like to visit it, too. I would like to see Basilica of Saint Peter.

Next country, which I’ve mentioned before, is Greece. I think that it is a place where I can  see a lot of interesting relicts. All European cultures come from Greece. I would like to visit, for example Maraton and see this historic town. Homer’s country must be interesting.

I like when the weather is hot. I think that in these countries I will enjoy good weather.

These countries are very beautiful. There are a lot of fantastic views. For example I would like to see the Mediterranean Sea in Greece.


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