The most important things in life are invisible

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
I think that it is true. In our life only invisible things are valuable. I think that it is easy to guess that I’m going to write about health, love and friendship.

Most people would say that the most important thing is fortune, but I don’t think so. When one is rich, they might be happy, but if they don’t have good health and a loving partner, they won’t be happy. Money isn’t everything. Really sick people don’t care about their expensive car, or a big house, they only want to recover. Nobody wants to live alone, without friends. Friendship is very important in our life. You can always rely on your true friend. He or she helps you and talks to you when you need it. Another invisible thing is love. If one finds true love, he or she will surely be happy. Without love life is empty and worthless.

As we can see, what’s really important in our life are invisible things, because they are feelings that nobody can steal. They belong only to us. Visible things are important too, but we can get them and lost them any time, they don’t have true value.


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