My Uncle’s Farm

06 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

My uncle Krzysztof is a farmer. His wife Krystyna takes care of the house and children, Kazik and Kamila. The whole family lives in the village Dąbrowa near the city of Puszcza.

My uncle has got a big farm near the village Dąbrowa. On his farm there are a lot of animals. Uncle Krzysztof has got cows, pigs, horses, hens, ducks and geese. Those animals graze on a meadow. They drink water from quite a big pond.

When it is very early, my uncle brings out all animals on a pasture, and in the evening my uncle drives all the animals to barns, stables and sheds. My uncle feeds and cleans the animals.

I like spending my holidays there very much because I like countryside and I like clean air.


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