Killing animals for meat is immoral

05 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki
I think it is not immoral. Killing animals for fur is immoral but for meat is not.

Meat is very important in our diet. There are vitamins and a lot of other things, which are good for us. For example there is iron.

People say that hunting is immoral. I think that killing for sport is very immoral but killing for meat is moral. Of course we are not talking about poaching now. Nobody can poach.

We don’t have to hunt to have meat. There are a lot of farm animals, for example pigs or chickens. It is not unusual that we eat pork, beef, lamb, veal, mutton or chicken. We keep farm animals to eat them. I know that it is sad but it is true.

The animal world is hard and brutal. Animals kill to live— it is natural — and nobody says that it is immoral. People are animals too, so we can kill animals for meat.

Vegetarians say that they don’t need meat to live, they have plants. If everybody ate plants, there would be no vegetation in a few years on the Earth. Animals grow faster than plants and are more nourishing than plants.

I think that people can kill if they are hungry, but they can’t kill for fun.


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