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Gdańsk is a great place to visit. There are a lot of interesting sites.

In the city center you can find small boutiques, souvenir shops, cake shops and antique shops. Near Targ Węglowy or Długi Targ there are many small jewellery shops. If you want to go shopping in supermarkets and department stores, you have to go out of the city.

In the old town you can see a lot of fantastic small boutiques. They offer a wide range of clothes, for example: designer skirts, shirts, fashionable suits and silk scarfs. Tourists can find nice souvenirs on stalls along the bank of Stara Motława river. Jewellery shops offer plenty of necklaces, rings and souvenirs with amber. Painters show their pictures in front of Dwór Artusa. Big department stores are twenty minutes from the city centre. You can buy there almost everything from bread to furniture.

Shops are open from ten in the morning to eight in the evening. There are sales every August. Then people from Gdańsk celebrate their holiday „Jarmark Dominikański.”

Gdańsk is a wonderful place. There is always something to suit every pocket and taste.


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