Gotowanie. Uzupełnij zdania pasującym wyrazem

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1. Jakiego sprzętu będziesz potrzebować do wykonania poniższych czynności? Spróbuj uzupełnić zdania pasującym wyrazem, a w razie wątpliwości skorzystaj z pomocy słownika.

To peel an apple you need a .


You can easily chop vegetables on a chopping using a sharpened .


A is what you need to grate some cheese.


A is what you use to make pancakes or fry meat.


A handy device used for mixing things is called a .


A(n) is where the dough turns into a delicious cake.


To cool your food you’ll need a .


When you strain noodles, you use – surprise, surprise – a .


The piece of cooking equipment used for cooking sauces and soups is called a sauce.


Stirring is probably most effective when performed by means of a .