Kuchnia. Uzupełnij luki odpowiednim słownictwem

18 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

1. Uzupełnij luki odpowiednim słownictwem

a) Could you sharpen this ? I can’t cut a single piece of meat with it.


b) My grandmother has got an impressive collection of porcelain, including a 200 year (check) old sugar .


c) I’m fed up with washing up after each meal – either you’ll buy me a or I’m leaving.


d) Our latest pan features a non-sticking layer, which allows you to fry your food without adding oil.


e) Although I’m quite pleased with the new fridge, I’m really disappointed with the size of the – it can’t store more than two frozen pizzas.


f) Unhealthy though it is supposed to be, cooking in a microwave is still one of the fastest ways of reheating food.


g) Stop throwing litter around – that’s not what the stands here for.


h) I never drink my coffee from a cup, I need it to be served in a .


i) Could you pass me the salt, please? There’s a salt next to you.


j) Which do you use – an electric or a gas one? Neither, I’ve got an induction stove.



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