Women with attractive eyes in Saudi Arabia must cover them to avoid tempting men

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Men in Saudi Arabia claim women can sometimes "tempt them with their eyes" and are calling on the religious authorities in that country to mandate that women cover them up in certain situations…

Not only are women required to wear veils and garments to cover themselves from head to foot but they must also cover their eyes in certain cases so as to not cast their seductive "spell" on men.

Muslim women in America think the measure goes way too far. It should be noted that Muslim women are allowed to say that in the United States where the law protects them from abuse — but if they were in Saudi Arabia, they could be whipped for saying such things.

One Muslim woman (who wished to remain unnamed in this report) complained bitterly saying that she "already wears long pants and hijab" (an outer garment that covers the woman’s head and chest and in some case part of her face) , she does not wear make-up, "what more do they want of me," she said.

Others suggest that women should have the basic human right not to be accused of such things as "seducing men with their eyes."

I must admit they are probably right!

The old saying the "eyes are the window of the soul" in this case may have to be amended to include the fact that women’s eyes could be a way to a man’s heart as well.

Muhammad Makmood of Wichita, Kansas agrees that women’s "eyes could tempt men", but adds that men must exercise some self-restraint when looking at a woman.

"The first look is permissible, the second look for a long time is for Satan. But I don’t blame women for that temptation, men have to guard themselves…", he says.

Źródło: groundreport.com


to claim
to tempt
to call on sb to do sth
apelować do kogoś o zrobienie czegoś
to mandate
wprowadzić (zasadę, prawo)
część garderoby
from head to foot
od stóp do głów
to cast a spell on sb
rzucić na kogoś urok
to abuse
molestować; nadużywać
to whip
z goryczą, gorzko
eyes are the window of the soul
oczy są zwierciadłem duszy
powściągliwość, samokontrola
to blame
winić, obwiniać

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