Past simple vs past continuous II

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Czasowniki podane w nawiasach wstaw w czasie past continuous lub past simple

1. I (wait) for the train when I (see) John.

2. Mrs Brown (play) the guitar when someone (knock) on the door.

3. When I (walk) down the street I nearly (fall) under a car.

4. It (rain) all day so I (decide) not to go for a walk.

5. I (see) him as he (leave) the shop a few minutes ago.

6. When I (open) the door she (stand) there.

7. When they were young, they (like) to play in the garden.

8. While I (mow) the lawn, I (notice) something interesting at the back of the garden.

9. When Elvis (die) many people thought that he faked his death because he was seen everywhere.

10. I (try) to call him three times but with no success.