Present perfect I

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Czasowniki podane w nawiasach wyraź w formie czasu present perfect

1. I (break) my arm.

2. It is the firts time I (eat) British food.

3. It is the second time I (see) this film.

4. This is the third time I (read) this book.

5. She (loose) her key.

6. How long (you live) in this house?

7. I (live) in this house for 5 years.

8. How many pages (you write)?

9. I (write) ten pages of my homework.

10. We (break) the window ,so now it is very cold here.

11. Meg (work) in a bank in 1980.

12. Susan (buy) two books.

13. I (take) his pen.

14. John (find) his socks under the bed.

15. He (sell) his car.