Present Continuous I

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Czasowniki podane w nawiasach wyraź w formie czasu present continuous

1. I (read) a very interesting book at the moment.

2. We (leave) tomorrow.

3. What (you do) here?

4. I (learn) for the test now.

5. Look, Susan (go) to church.

6. Where is this beautiful music (come) from? It’s my sister listening to the radio.

7. He is always (come) into my room without knocking on the door.

8. At 9 o’clock I am always (watch) TV.

9. What are you doing? I (have) breakfast.

10. She won’t open the door, she (talk) on the phone.

11. Richard is not smiling at you, he (smile) at the person who is standing behind you.