Past simple vs past continuous I

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Podane czasowniki wpisz w formie czasu past simple lub past continuous (nie stosuj skróconych form zapisu)

1. I (read) a book when the telephone (ring).

2. After breakfast, Susan (go) to her mother.

3. I (take) a shower and Meg (watch) television.

4. She (make) a cake when  her husband (come) home.

5. He (live) in Australia for several years.

6. I always (get up) at six in those days.

7. When Piotrek was younger, he (always get) into trouble.

8. I (think) of having a party next week.

9. The sun (shine) when I (come) there.

10. I (wonder) if you could help me?

11. (use) to swim every day when you were younger?

12. I (have) a party last Saturday.

13. We (hope) you would join us at the party tonight.

14. He (work) there in 1865.

15. I (be) in hospital last week.

16. We (not go) out yestarday because it (rain).

17. What (you wear) to Rick’s party?