Past Simple IV

17 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

Czasowniki podane w nawiasach wpisz w formie czasu past simple

1. I (be) in hospital yesterday.

2. Last summer she (be) was in London.

3. They (be) in Warsaw 3 weeks ago.

4. He (be) in Dublin last month.

5. We (be) in prison on Monday.

6. Steve (go) to the cinema.

7. I (see) her in the theatre.

8. He (write) 36 plays.

9. I (wake up), got up and made a cup of tea.

10. He (lose) his key.

11. Meg (work) in a bank in 1980.

12. Susan (buy) two books.

13. I (take) his pen.

14. John (find) his socks under the bed.

15. He (sell) his car.