Future in the Past VIII

17 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

1. Czasowniki podane w nawiasie wpisz w formie Future in the Past (nie używaj form skróconych).

Did you know it (be) so easy to pass that test?

Did she expect that her friends (make) a birthday party for her?

Did he expect that he (not finish) the race?

Was he sure that he (receive) the letter until the end of that week?

Did they know that it (be) very expensive to renovate that building?

Did he expect that the Polish team (lose) in the championships?

Were they sure they (pass) all their exams?

Did you expect you (get) promoted so quickly?

Did he really promise he (not lie) to her any more?

Were you sure you (find) you luggage among all those bags?



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