Future in the Past IV

09 września 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

1. Wpisz podany w nawiasie czasownik w formie Future in the Past (nie używaj form skróconych).

They said they (not participate) in the performance.

We were sure we (not manage) to book those tickets.

All the employees were sure they (not receive) a pay-rise that year.

My dad said he (not pay) my phone bills.

We were sure they (not care) about the dirt in their apartment.

He knew he (not go) on holidays that year.

She said she (not help) me with Maths.

My friends knew they (not understand) their parents’ views.

We thought they (not finish) the renovation on time.

I was sure my project (not be) approved by the manager.



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