Future Continuous XII

28 sierpnia 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

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  • I will be making
  • She will be playing
  • This time tomorrow I will be having
  • I will be singing with
  • We will be meeting
  • Will you be going to the
  • Will Mark be reading
  • I will be returning
  • You will be missing the sunshine
  • Will you be swimming
  • to the next meeting in June?
  • home next Thursday.
  • the piano the whole evening.
  • supper when he arrives tonight.
  • Ann tomorrow at the office.
  • a book at 6 o’clock?
  • now you’re back in Ireland.
  • Jane at the festival this weekend.
  • in this lake in the afternoon?
  • dinner at one of the London’s finest restaurants.



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