Czasowniki nieregularne X

04 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

Wstaw odpowiednią nieregularną formę czasownika podanego w nawiasie

1. Her teacher (forbid) her to go on a trip last month.

2. Look! These clothes have (shrink) in the washing.

3. He has (tear) all the letters from his ex-girlfriend.

4. I have just (mow) the lawn.

5. She (shake) his hand and introduced her boss.

6. The ship (sink) 2 hours ago.

7. The boy (spit) on the street and ran away.

8. I (mishear) his last name.

9. The man has just (withdraw) one thousand pounds from his bank account.

10. My friend has (hide) our diary in the box.