Be going to vs future simple I

08 marca 2013 | LoadingDodaj do biblioteki

Wstaw odpowiednią formę be going to lub Future Simple (nie używaj form skróconych).

1. I think my mum (like) my new boyfriend.

2. Look at the clouds! It (rain) soon.

3. Tom’s sister (have) a baby.

4. Jack (throw) a party next weekend.

5. I think we (have to) do this task anyway.

6. I’m going out now but I (be) back later.

7. It’s very hot in here. I (open) the window.

8. I’m afraid (not be able to) help you in the garden.

9. If a lot of people buy tickets, he (play) in more places.

10. In June, Josh (move) to London.